Hi Everyone,
I wanna welcome you to the fourth module of the info training on Affiliate Marketing. Today, we are gona strike a deal on how to get free traffic  sources to your affiliate offer (s).
Before we begin, let me quickly take you through some proven affiliate programs out there;
1. Clickbank  : Clickbank sells digital products. Learn more about choosing a niche and growing audience here; (Pls, watch the videos and get back to me with your niche)
Choose your niche  
Grow your audience
2. Another one is VJZoo
It’s easy and FREE to be a Seller or Affiliate on JVZoo!  One account allows you to be a Seller, an Affiliate or both.  JVZoo offers powerful, easy to use, industry-leading features all in one place that empowers all of our users to connect and succeed online.
3. A very good digital marketing program that also offers affiliate opportunity to earn as you learn is Legendary Marketer (I will share more about this later).
Okay! Now you have an idea of a few affiliate programs.
Let’s talk about traffic sources
Free traffic is mostly generated through social media or search engine optimization. That is generating organic traffic through optimizing your blog, content or website for search engines (as in, making your blogs, or websites visible to search engine). This way, your content can have a good standing on search engine results pages hence have traffic from the search engine directed to your site. Let’s demonstrate this, search for any keyword on Google –the optimized pages are the first few ones on the list. That means, if you blog regularly on a subject, Google will rank your blog more than thousand other blogs
Free traffic can also be generated through social media by linking your site to social media platforms and building great profiles. The people visiting and interacting with you through these profiles can then visit your site for more details or make actual purchases. Free traffic can also be generated through article and video marketing, among other strategies.
Having given you an idea of free traffic sources, a friend who I learned this strategy from joins groups on Facebook related to making money online, affiliate programs, business opportunities, etc. Sometimes he joins specific groups
You can search for and find groups by clicking on the “Groups” menu link in your Facebook account, and then use the search function in Facebook to search for the type of groups you want to explore for joining… Again, for this strategy, they could be anything related to making money online, business opportunities, working from home, affiliate marketing or opportunities like Super Affiliate Network, etc
Once he’s joined different groups, then he looks for people who are really serious about making money, but who may be frustrated or not having the results they really want yet,
How do I know these people?
On face book, someone can post an obviously fake earning evidence and you will see hundreds and hundreds of people asking “how” in the comment box.
Then, he just sends a Friend request to those people (as many as you can, I will suggest like 10-15 per time). After the person accepts the Friend request, he starts a chat conversation with them using Facebook’s live chat too. Now this is the trick, remember, your system is working, which means you are confident about it. Great! this works if you are working with affiliate referrals like Legendary marketer, start a good conversation about the group issues (like, when the person joins, if he/she has made money in his business, ask if the fake evidence coukld be real, point to why you think its fake, ask what business the fellow does, provide value by asking questions about how the person can make more money, ask if they have heard about the business you wanna introduce, If a “no” then, share your own business and obviously with your link).
Another strategy is by having a blogpage that has your entire affiliate banners (I use this site (www.wage2wealth.com). This site has 5 affiliate programs. Talk to me onb how to have a website like this, IT’S A FREE SET UP. (of course, you will pay for domain name but the set up is 100% FREE
That takes us to another strategy. By promoting a free product/website, chances are that people are gonna click on your affiliate banners. By blogging like I am doing and making reference to this site in your texts, people are gonna click it.
Now, If you already have few sales to develop a sale structure as discussed previously, you can post on groups about how you have 5 streams of income via one door, one website on FREE SET-UP
You can use this website on your social media profiles.
Let’s dig more, go to www.google.com and search for related blogs or YouTube videos (like affiliate marketing blogs, look for updated ones with lots of comment, first read the blog post  or watch the video to understand the content, write your own comment, add value to the post and diplomatically make reference to your website. You might need to devise a means to share your website something, like wage2wealth.com, www.wage2wealth. com, wage2wealthdotcom. Whoever clicks it might wanna correct it on his/her browser. This is important because YouTube does not allow sharing links).  You can also shorten your url using tinyurl. Remember, my ultimate goal is have people visit my webiste.
One  more way to also get free traffic is by joining a non-related group to online money making on Facebook. This might be a group you are passionate about (like your professional/other business group) and all you have to do is to add value to members and make more friends so you will eventually talk to them about your business. See sample below, I belong to a group on facebook and I just commented on a post only to receive bunch of connection request.
So, not to take much of your time, you can chat me up directly via whatsapp of the niche you have chosen and how you want  to develop your free traffic strategy. I will be taken extra time to guilde people on the specific affiliate program they chose to join and that is where we are gonna heavily use some of these hacks. Write me about your niche and we can start discussing how to sign  up, how to invest and their payment system.
Remember our next modules
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PAUL OJO (CEO, Wage2Wealth, Founder, WhatNextMentors)