About Us


hatNextMentors is a non-governmental organization specializing in youth mentorship for academic excellence and community development.



he surge in  African population, lack of quality education and the subsequent increase in societal pressure for success have created a huge challenge in the areas of academic excellence and youth involvement in community development. Specifically, young Africans are expected to make up 42 percent of the world’s youth by 2030 and account for 75 percent of those under the age of 35 in Africa. Giving that African countries are catching up with the rest of the world in the fight against poverty, youth involvement in community development is still low and this is expected to decline due to the global impacts of Covid-19. There is therefore an urgent need to bridge the gap of youth mentorship for academic excellence to raise future leaders who will have a passion for community development.

Mission Statement

To empower African young generations with creative ideas and mentorship to succeed.

Vision Statement

To raise leaders for the future Africa through the power of unparalleled mentorship and innovative minds for community development.